Jerry Springer’s Kung Fu Hillbilly an Internet Sensation

Jerry Springer has created yet another viral hit, Kung Fu Hillbilly. Mr Diemond Ninjiti Master Dave, even has a flock of both fakers and groupies all over the web.


In case you missed it or haven’t yet caught the virus, he is the breakdown so far.

Original Jerry Springer Kung Fu Hill Billy Episode

The Infamous Diemond Dave Training Video

Return of the Kung Fu Hilly Billy (part 1)

Return of the Kung Fu Hilly Billy (part 2)

Kung Fu Hillbilly vs. Sensai Luis

The Hillbilly Disciple, Ninjiti’s Next Generation

Sometimes you wonder what planet these people are from. Evidentially the hillbilly kung-fu ninja pimp is from, THE TRAILER PARK, and don’t you think he will let you forget it.

But wait there’s more… Check out the remix!

Kung Fu Hillbilly Funk Remix

Props to Miss Kit for the crazy buzz

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