Everything You Wanted To Know About The Oscars

Plus a bunch of things you probably didn’t want to know, but are about to learn anyway…

Source: LocateTV

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31 thoughts on “Everything You Wanted To Know About The Oscars”

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  2. Nobody wants to watch rich white people congratulate other rich white people, the oscars are a f#cking circle jerk.

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  4. The Oscars are ridiculous bullshit, packaged in pure unfettered Hollywood narcissism. Everybody dresses up, goes out, and Be Famous for an evening. Meanwhile, the awards are decided on by the people in charge of the event, and not actually any real PEOPLE who might, I dunno, BE THE PEOPLE WHO WATCH THE MOVIES.

    Seriously. There is no point to the Oscars, and there never has been. All it does is advertises crap films, and confuse people at home who think it is important because it is on TV.

    And it should probably be mentioned, that the Oscars kind of already happened, and so this infographic is severely outdated. Better luck next time, morons!

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